Available courses

MOTIV-ACTION Planner Skills

The user will learn how to build tailored upskilling and reskilling pathways, developing stronger “critical thought” skills, with basic knowledge to project/request orientation on tailor-made pathways, exploiting all existing tools for self-evaluation of knowledge and other tools of self-reflection, as for instance the SELFIE tool.

Skills that will be developed: Ability to analyze learning opportunities (traditional, e-learning, blended, in mobility, etc.) and self-evaluation opportunities available on the internet. The skill will potentiate critical thought by transferring notions and information that could attribute a correct value to self-evaluation and the quality of pathways, for instance:

  • official and institutional channels at national and European level;
  • criteria for the evaluation of the compliance of the formative and/or self-evaluation pathway with respect to the complexity of the competencies that must be acquired and evaluated;
  • valorization of a certification achieved through a specific learning pathway;
  • analysis of the compliance of training contents in relation with the performance expected for a specific job;
  • evaluation of the reputation and profile of the education and training provider.